Make really friends with WEEEK

Choose the affiliate program that suits you

For users
Tell your friends about WEEEK, share the referral link - and get 10% commission for each person who comes and pay for your subscription.
For agencies
Get a commission of 20% for each client, from all his payments.

It's easier to work together

Tell people about WEEEK and get rewarded

How it works


Choose a program

It depends on which is more suitable - for the agency or the user.


Tell about WEEEK

Share a referral link and get a commission for those who click on it, register and pay for a subscription.


Get rewarded!

Every user who clicks on a referral link and pays for a subscription will bring you a profit. Keep track of your income in your personal cabinet.


Payments control
Marketing materials kit
Add customers manually or automatically with a referral link
WEEEK partners can do a discount on the annual fee for five customers per month
Easy withdrawal


VAT 20% is withheld from non-residents of the Russian Federation
Payments are made to the current account
The minimum amount of remuneration for withdrawal - 3000 rubles.
WEEEK partners can request WEEEK professional license promo codes for a 30-day period
Manager photo
Your personal manager
Dear partners, if you have any questions please contact me
Alexander Nikiforov


Still Have Some Questions?

  • How to become a member of partner program?

    It's very simple and free. Click on the \"Become an Affiliate\" button or email us at and we'll help you become a member of one of the best affiliate programs.

  • What sales commission will I get?

    At the beginning of the partnership we pay partners from 10% (for users) to 20% (for agencies) of the sales amount for new users.
    The size of payments depends on the income that the partner brings.
    At the same time, we are always open to discussing the terms of a partnership agreement if the partner demonstrates high performance.

  • When and how will I get paid?

    Our product is covered by a 10-day money-back guarantee. We can pay you back within 10 days after confirming the purchase of the product.
    Commission payments are made at the request of the partner.
    If your activity generates a stable income, we can send you invoices at the beginning of each month without your request.

  • How will sales be tracked?

    We track sales from links you place on your site or pass on to other users.
    When a potential customer clicks on a URL, a cookie is set on their browser.
    This mechanism allows us to see all affiliate sales as a result of clicking on a particular link.
    You can also track your results in real time on your affiliate dashboard.

  • How will sales be tracked?

    Partner receives a commission of 10% to 20% from each sale.
    Hence, your income will depend on how many people use your affiliate link to buy WEEEK.

  • What is the minimum payment threshold?

    The minimum amount of payment to our partners is 3,000 rubles.

  • If a potential customer comes to your site through my affiliate link, but buys a product later from your site, do I get a commission for it?

    We'll make sure to lock that customer in for you for the next 30 days!
    Keep in mind, however, that the most recent cookie set by the client will be relevant - if the client subsequently goes to another partner's link and makes a purchase, the other partner will receive the commission.